Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kindermusik: Parenting through Music

Kindermusik: Parenting through Music

Spotlight on Parenting: Village

Have you ever heard someone say, "You need to learn how to relax"? Well, they were right. Relaxing is a learned behavior that even the youngest child can begin developing.

In Kindermusik, we include a quiet time specifically designed to learn and practice relaxation techniques, such as rocking, listening to soothing music, or snuggling a favorite stuffed animal. Your child's world can be full of stimulating experiences. Teaching her how to relax after a period of activity gives her time to recoup and prepares her for what's next.

An added bonus: Children who know how to relax and self-soothe can be better sleepers. (Although, you might still wish for a visit from the Sleep Nanny at 2:34 am!)

Everyday connection:
Forget about a "play list."  Make a "relax list" in iTunes. When your child needs to wind down for naptime or bedtime, play songs like "Sleep, My Little Bird" and "Wild Geese Are Flying."  Eventually, she will begin responding to the musical cues and the relaxation techniques from class and ... well ... relax. You will, too! Let music make bedtime easier.

Kindermusik: Parenting through Music

Spotlight on Parenting: Wiggles & Giggles

Going to the grocery store can be routine. You make the same loop every week: milk, bread, diapers, caffeine-of-choice; milk, bread, diapers, caffeine-of-choice. What would happen if each time you went to the store, they moved it all around? Suddenly, a trip to the grocery store becomes an exercise in frustration as you try to make sense of your surroundings.

The value of routine works similarly in your child. Routine helps him make sense of his surroundings and know what happens next. In Kindermusik, we build familiar routines into the class to help your child become comfortable and anticipate what comes next. The Hello song signals that class is starting. The story blanket means ... well ... it's story time. The Good-bye song brings the class to a close.

Everyday connection:
Establish a nighttime routine. Use music to signal to your child the start and end. "My Bonnie" and "You Are My Sunshine" are Kindermusik family favorites! Turning on lullabies or relaxing music after dinner will let your child know that the day is coming to a close. It is time for bath, books, snuggles, and bed. Plus, many children fall asleep faster (and sleep better!) with an established bedtime routine. Now that is a routine any parent can appreciate!

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